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Age, Education Level Can Affect One’s Ability to Cope with AS, Study Finds

Progressing disease, older age, and lower education can significantly affect ankylosing spondylitis patients’ ability to cope with the challenges and burden associated with their illness, a study has found. Multidisciplinary clinical teams should take these findings into consideration to prevent additional health problems and provide the best care and support…

Anti-TNF-Alpha Therapies Linked to Reduced Lumbar Spine Deformities, Study Shows

Treatment with anti-TNF-alpha therapies can lead to improved lumbar spine curvature and better clinical outcomes in patients with ankylosing spondylitis, study shows. The study, “Radiologic parameters of ankylosing spondylitis patients treated with anti-TNF-α versus nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and sulfasalazine,” was published in the European Spine Journal.

Novartis, TrialSpark Collaborate to Maximize Patient Access to Clinical Trials, Therapy Development

TrialSpark, a technology company that works to increase access and integrate trial participation into patients’ everyday lives, has teamed up with Novartis, a global healthcare company, to activate their first clinical trial sites. This patient-centered model for clinical trials will enable patients to enroll in studies from their doctor’s office, rather…